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Substance Abuse

Life Stride’s Substance Abuse Department of Behavioral Health-certified program provides comprehensive services treatment solutions. The program’s primary service goal is to foster environments that promote recovery, personal responsibility and accountability, and self-help.

Our mission is to provide meaningful, effective, and targeted treatment to adults and adolescents for whom drugs or alcohol negatively impacted personal and professional relationships, physical health, and the overall quality of their lives.

Life Stride’s person-centered program is based on the Levels of Care framework established by the American Society for Addiction Medicine and is enhanced by the unique clinical approaches pioneered by its director, Mr. Paul Wells.

The Life Stride Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) program adheres to evidence-based practices, and utilizes a behavioral health model of addictions recovery. Individual and needs are paramount to this approach, emphasizing the treatment of co-occurring disorders in a holistic way.

Life Stride provides the following SUD core services:

This program is curriculum-driven, based on a psychosocial and psychoeducational approach. Daily classes are held in small groups, covering topics including: 

Assessment/Diagnostic and Treatment Planning

Clinical Care Coordination

Case Management

Crisis Intervention

SUD Counseling, Including the following:

> Individual Counseling

> Group Counseling

> Group Counseling - Psychoeducation

> Family Counseling

> Drug Screening - Toxicology Sample Collection

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